Legenda & explanation
date INES title location
08-09-2014INES 2Overexposure of radiographyworker over the annual limitInspecta, Randaberg, Stavanger, Norway
30-07-2014INES 1Object: Retrieval of Co-60 orphan source at Genoa port coming from Senegal.Genoa Voltri Port, Italy
02-05-2014INES 1Inspection of Container No.TSAU 2600500 for Radioactive Contaminationsri lanka colombo port, Sri Lanka
22-03-2013INES 2Overexposure to Member of the PublicNew York, NY/ Children's Hospital at Montefiore, United States of America
11-06-2014INES 2Irradiation of a worker during an intervention using gamma ray projectorWorksite in Pau (Pyrénées Atlantiques département), France
15-07-2014INES 3Overexposure of a service technician repairing a biplane X-ray systemHospital, Switzerland
18-04-2014INES 2Exposure of a worker during radiographic inspectionsDCNS site, France
17-10-2013INES 2Deficiency in the determination of the uranium content of liquid waste tanksMolybdenum Production Facility / Petten, Netherlands
26-09-2013INES 2Common cause mechanical deficiency in control rodsHigh Flux Reactor / Petten, Netherlands
26-10-2013INES 2Deficiency in the determination of the uranium content of liquid waste tanksMolybdenum Production Facility / Petten, Netherlands
09-04-2014INES 2Overexposure to RadiographerMarietta, Ohio / Acuren Inspection, Inc., United States of America
13-03-2014INES 2Overexposure to RadiographerLaPorte, Texas/Acuren Inspection, United States of America
14-02-2014INES 3Exposure to workersVentanilla, Callao / SPI GAMMA, Peru
20-05-2013INES 2Overexposure of radiographersProject EPC-30, Plant of Malvinas, Cusco, Peru
30-05-2013INES 2Interventional Radiology - Exceeding of the maximum regulatory annual effective doseSaint-Eloi Hospital (Montpellier), France
16-01-2014INES 1One radioactive source containing Co-60 lost or stolenbeaverboard manufacturer, Koniecpol, Śląskie regio, Poland
13-12-2013INES 1Contaminated Transport Package-Used Machineries and spare partsColombo port-Consignee-M/S Tsukuba Lanka, Sri Lanka
30-05-2013INES 1EDG failed to start after unintentional loss of two phases on 400 kV incoming offsite supplyFORSMARK-3, Sweden
10-12-2013INES 1Overexposure to Member of the PublicSeminole, Texas/Wilco NDT, United States of America
02-12-2013INES 2Internal contamination of radiation workers during radioactive waste managementRad. Waste and Disposal Facility at Puspokszilagy, Hungary
22-11-2013INES 1Found orphan Cs-137 sourceTornio, Steel factory, Finland
14-09-2013INES 3Overxposure of an industrial radiographerRefinery, Lingen, Germany
22-11-2013INES 1Two radioactive sources containing Co-60 lost or stolenBełchatów Power Station (coal-fired power plant), Poland
31-10-2013INES 2Exposure of workers performing industrial radiographybuilding construction site of thermo PP Šoštanj, Slovenia
14-09-2013INES 3Overxposure of an industrial radiographerRefinery, Lingen, Germany
13-10-2013INES 2Overexposure to Radiopharmacy WorkerTopeka, Kansas/St. Francis Health Center, United States of America
08-10-2013INES 0Discovery of damaged fuel rods during core unloading and fuel inspectionsKRSKO, Slovenia
13-08-2013INES 2Stolen of a radioactive sourceIslamic Republic of, Tabriz, Tabriz University, Iran
23-08-2013INES 2Exposure of a worker in excess of statutory annual dose limitsLAMA (CEA Grenoble), France
19-02-2013INES 2Deficiency in the safety evaluation of the primary reactor drain lineHigh Flux Reactor Petten, Netherlands