Legenda & explanation
date INES title location
06-11-2006INES 2Loss of Industrial Gamma Radiography Exposure Device (IGRED) containing Ir-192 radiography sourceIndustrial Radiography, India
16-11-2006INES 1Theft of Nucleonic Density Gauge Device containing Cs-137 sourceCoal washery, India
20-01-2007INES 2Potential Radiographer Extremity OverexposureConam Inspection / Philadelphia, United States of America
06-11-2006INES 2Operation outside limits and conditions at a former MOX facilityCADARACHE, France
09-11-2006INES 2Overexposure to 15 members of the publicHi-Desert PET & Nuclear Medicine Imaging Center / Victorville, United States of America
01-05-2006INES 2Radiographer OverexposureTexas Gamma Ray, United States of America
17-12-2006INES 0Shutdown due to Tritium increase in reactor roomATUCHA-1, Argentina
15-12-2006[N/A]Manual Shutdown at Embalse N.P.PEMBALSE, Argentina
01-12-2006INES 1Multiple non compliance during a transportTransport International, France
25-07-2006INES 1INES-rating due to earlier event at Forsmark 1 - Two emergency DG did not start when the unit was disconnected from the ordinary off-site gridFORSMARK-2, Sweden
01-11-2006INES 2Worker OverexposurePacific EcoSolutions, United States of America
05-10-2006INES 2Unavailabilty of containment cooling fansDOEL-1, Belgium
27-09-2006INES 2Radiography OverexposureHumble, United States of America
01-09-2006INES 1Lost excepted package between France and AustriaTransport International, France
13-09-2006INES 1Stolen Radiographic Exposure DeviceBonded Inspections, United States of America
25-07-2006INES 2Two emergency dieselgenerators did not start when the unit was disconnected from the ordinary off site grid.FORSMARK-1, Sweden
24-07-2006INES 2Lost of type A radioactive package during transport from Brussels to BucharestInternational Transport, Romania
18-07-2006INES 0Potential Flooding Common Mode Failure of Service Water PumpsVIRGIL C. SUMMER-1, United States of America
22-05-2006INES 2Loss of Industrial Gamma Radiography Exposure Device (IGRED) containing Ir-192 sourceIndustrial Radiography, India
05-07-2006INES 1Loss of a type A packageTransport International, France
22-06-2006INES 1One partly shielded Cs-137 radioactive source found in a 40 ft scrap containerJewometaal, Rotterdam-Botlek, Netherlands
22-06-2006INES 1Temperature increase of control rod drive housing 6/7 during restart of Unit 4PAKS-4, Hungary
02-06-2006INES 2Potential Radiography OverexposureLake Charles, United States of America
12-05-2006INES 1Lost radiopharmaceutical during its transportTransport International, France
05-12-2005INES 2Both low head safety injection motors declared inoperable because of insufficient motor cooling water flowKOEBERG-1, South Africa
06-03-2006INES 2Spill of High-Enriched Uranium SolutionWithheld, United States of America
22-12-2005INES 2Overexposure of worker by unshielded sourceZealand, Denmark
01-03-2006INES 2Inoperability of 22 out of 61 control rods at Kozloduy NPP unit 5KOZLODUY-5, Bulgaria
11-03-2006INES 4Overexposure of employee in irradiation facilitySTERIGENICS - Fleurus, Belgium
24-02-2006INES 2Potential Extremity Overexposure at Texas A&M Research ReactorTexas A&M University, United States of America