INES Levels

INES 2: Incident

Impact on People and Environment:
  • Exposure of a member of the public in excess of 10 mSv.
  • Exposure of a worker in excess of the statutory annual limits.
Impact on Radiological Barriers and Control:
  • Radiation levels in an operating area of more than 50 mSv/h.
  • Significant contamination within the facility into an area not expected by design.
Impact on Defence-in-Depth:
  • Significant failures in safety ­provisions but with no actual ­consequences.
  • Found highly radioactive sealed orphan source, device or transport package with safety provisions intact.
  • Inadequate packaging of a highly radioactive sealed source.
Legenda & explanation
date title location 
2022-05-25Exposure of a worker in excess of the statutory dose limitUnited KingdomSellafield Ltd. UK
2022-05-05Exposure of industrial radiographerBelgiumAntwerp Region
2022-03-24Exposure of radiographer over annual statutory dose limitHungaryBorsodChem Co. Ltd
2022-01-10Higher dose rate in an operating area due to inappropriate positioning of a Co-60 sourceHungaryInstitute of Isotopes Ltd. Budapest
2021-12-08Equivalent dose for extremities (hand) exceeding statuary annual limitsGermanyHospital, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
2021-11-23Exposure of workers in excess of statutory annual dose limitsSwedenNorrköping
2021-10-06Worker Exceeded Annual Whole Body Dose LimitUnited States of AmericaPittsburgh, PA / Diamond Technical Services
2021-08-24External contamination of a worker leading to exceeding of the regulatory annual limit for the equivalent dose to the skinFranceCRUAS-2
2021-07-22Automatic trip of both reactors following loss of off-site electric suppliesUnited KingdomHeysham 1 Power Station
2021-07-22Automatic trip of both reactors following loss of off-site electric suppliesUnited KingdomHeysham 1 Power Station
2021-07-20Overexposure of two workersSpainOCA ICP, Madrid
2021-05-19Exposure of a worker over annual statutory dose limitHungaryHungary
2021-03-11Overexposure to WorkerUnited States of AmericaLivingston, Louisiana / EPIC Piping, LLC
2021-01-27Research reactor power detectors outside OL&CBelgiumResearch Reactor BR2 (SCK CEN)
2020-12-11Hands skin exposureUnited KingdomWales, F-18 Radio-pharmacy
2020-12-08Radiation exposure of a hospital employee beyond the statuary annual dose limitGermanyLaboratory for radio-pharmaceutics in Bavaria
2020-10-09Discovery of legacy radioactive sources and residual contaminationFranceUniversity Hospitals of Strasbourg
2020-08-03Overexposure to WorkerUnited States of AmericaMobile, Alabama / Applied Technical Services, Inc.
2020-07-31Organ equivalent dose exceeding statuary annual limitsGermanyCompany for measuring techniques, Bavaria
2020-07-02Radiation exposure of a worker beyond the statuary annual dose limitGermanyCompany for X-ray equipment, Bavaria
2020-06-30Overexposure to WorkerUnited States of AmericaAlvin, Texas / Ineos Oligomers Chocolate Bayou
2020-02-11Internal contamination of a worker in a fuel pellets fabrication workshopFranceMelox - Orano Cycle - Marcoule
2020-01-31Radiation exposure of a hospital employee beyond the statuary annual dose limitGermanyHospital, Bavaria, Germany
2019-12-31Lens of the eye overexposure to interventionalist radiologistUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom, Wales, Hospital
2019-11-29Overexposure of two workers during radiographyGermanyCompany for non-destructive testing
2019-11-16Potential uncontrolled access to room with radiation greater than 1000 mR / hrMexicoLAGUNA VERDE-1
2019-11-15Radioisotope Manufacture Facility – Operator’s hands contaminatedUnited KingdomEngland, F-18 Cyclotron Facility
2019-11-12Loss of liquor from the Magnox Swarf Storage Silo original building primary containmentUnited KingdomSellafield Site - Magnox Swarf Storage Silo
2019-10-22Overexposure to worker due to iridium-192 contamination eventUnited States of AmericaAlbuquerque, New Mexico/ Spectratek
2019-10-08Non-compliance with OL&C during operations to drain the reactor main primary systemFranceGOLFECH-2