Irradiation of a worker while handling an Iridium 192 source

A worker of the Applus RTD-CTS company was handling a gamma ray projector containing a source of iridium 192 of 2 TBq while performing a weld inspection within the Esso refinery at Fos-sur-Mer (Bouches-du-Rhône administrative department, South-East of France). The source could not return to its safe shielded position inside the device. It appeared that the operator moved the device by hanging it by its remote control box and then attempted to perform various actions to release the source before implementing the incident procedure. These manual operations have led to a whole body dose of 5.2 mSv and of a dose of 500 mSv to his hands.

Location: Fos-sur-Mer
Event date: Wed, 13-06-2012
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