Incorrectly packaged radioactive sources

When preparing documentation on 19 October 1999 for the consignment of sources from Sellafield site to Drigg Low Level Waste Disposal Site, it was discovered that a Type A transport container was proposed when a type B container was required to comply with the Transport Regulations for the quantity of material to be transported. The consignment was therefore suspended. A review of previous transfers revealed that the incorrect package has been used for similar transfers between the Sellafield and Drigg sites for a number of years. Consignment in an incorrect package is being regarded as equivalent to breach of a limit or condition.
A mangement investigation is now underway to determine the cause of this incident.
There has been no safety impact and there are no environmental or health implications.

Location: BNFL, Sellafield
Event date: Mon, 18-10-1999
Nuclear event report
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