Worker Exceeded Annual Whole Body Dose Limit

A radiographer received approximately 0.055 Sv (5.5 rem) when a radiograpy exposure was performed. The radiographer was between the source and the pipe being tested for approximately one minute. The distance from the 1.12 TBq (30.4 Ci) Co-60 source to the pipe was two feet. There were a total of three radiographers. The radiographer operating the source (the operator) stood behind a brick wall. The operator thought nobody was in the area, and it was safe to perform the exposure. Due to the loud environment, the individual who received the exposure was unable to hear his alarming rate meter. The exposed individual’s self-reading dosimeter was off scale. All radiographers' dosimeters were sent to the licensee’s dosimetry processor for reading. Results showed that the other two radiographers did not receive any significant exposure. All three individuals have been removed from duties that would require additional exposure. The dose to the exposed radiographer exceeded the U.S. regulatory limit for the annual whole body dose of 0.05 Sv (5 rem). EN56271

Location: Deer Park, TX / Acuren Inspection Inc.
Event date: Wed, 14-12-2022
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