Equivalent dose for extremities (hand) exceeding statuary annual limits

During a medical injection of a diagnostic radiopharmaceutical (Tc-99m, 375 MBq) to a patient, the medical worker carrying out the injection received a hand skin exposure. While adjusting the cannula a plug at the cannula was opened by mistake and radioactive substance was spilled out. The hand of the medical worker was protected with rubber gloves. The patient skin was not contaminated during this incident.

Due to this event, the yearly equivalent dose for the hand was evaluated to be 517 mSv. According to the applicable legislation, the statutory limit for annual dose to extremities and skin is 500 mSv. Corrective actions in terms of additional training of the corresponding procedure were taken.

Location: Hospital, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Event date: Wed, 08-12-2021
Nuclear event report
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