Higher dose rate in an operating area due to inappropriate positioning of a Co-60 source

On 10th of January 2022, six pieces of Co-60 sealed radioactive sources, with 74 TBq activity each, were moved from a UKITB-250-6 type transport container at a working place of the Institute of Isotopes Ltd. During the procedure one sealed source was misplaced within the container into a less shielded position. The event occurred inside a building within the controlled area. The event triggered an alarm at both installed and personal radiation detection equipment. The workers left the location immediately and notified the radiation protection officer and the radiation protection service. All the employees were asked to leave the building and the area was secured until the recovery procedure started in which 14 workers were involved. Does rates of 130-300 mSv/h were measured at the door of operating area. Occupational exposure higher than the authorized dose limit was not indicated by electric personal dosimeters used by the workers. The incident had no radiological consequences.

Location: Institute of Isotopes Ltd. Budapest
Event date: Mon, 10-01-2022
Nuclear event report
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