Worker Exceeded Annual Whole Body Dose Limit

A radiographer received approximately 0.093 Sv (9.3 rem) when a radiography source was unable to be retracted into an industrial radiography device. The radiographer handled the guide tube and collimator with the 3.367 TBq (91 Ci) Ir-192 source in an unshielded position. Dose reconstruction and event re-enactments were conducted to determine how the disconnect occurred. The cause of the event is believed to be a bent pin on the control cable. The licensee is performing testing and other actions to verify that this is the cause. After the radiographer retreated from the source, a Radiation Safety Officer with source retrieval authorization was dispatched to the location and recovered the source. Neither the Radiation Safety Officer nor the assistant radiographer received doses that exceeded the regulatory limit. The licensee committed to the mandatory re-training of employees. The dose to the radiographer exceeded the U.S. regulatory limit for the annual whole body dose of 0.05 Sv (5 rem). NRC EN55511

Location: Pittsburgh, PA / Diamond Technical Services
Event date: Wed, 06-10-2021
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