Failure of a defectoscope during industrial radiography test

The VOLVID PLC conducted gamma radiography to inspect welded joints at an industrial site of Borsodchem PLC at Kacincbarcika. The inspection was executed by a GammaMat SE device, containing a Category 3 Se-75 sealed radioactive source with 1,71 TBq activity. Upon competition of the inspection, the source could not be retracted into the device. The workers followed the emergency protocol of the radiation safety programme in order to protect the workers and the members of the public. Additionally notified the National Service for Radiation Health Preparedness (NSRHEP) and the maintenance service company (MSC). The MSC shielded the source, dismantled it from the device and placed the source into a transport container. The personal effective doses of the radiographers and the workers of MSC were negligible, well below occupational dose constraints. Members of public were not affected by the event. The source and the device was moved to the site of MSC. Subsequent inspections confirmed that the defectoscope was maintained regularly and properly, and the failure was caused by an unforeseeable break in one joint of the link-type source holder.

Location: Borsodchem PLC
Event date: Sun, 23-05-2021
Nuclear event report
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