Stolen Radiography Camera.

On April 11, 2021, at approximately 13:00 UTC, the CNSNS received a notification about the theft of a radiography camera (model DELTA 880) near Teoloyucan Municipality, Mexico State. The camera was stolen along with the vehicle when the radiographer was driving on theroad and was forced to pull over by criminals. The DELTA 880 camera serial number is D12791 and contains a category 2 radioactive source of Ir-192 (68.89 Ci).

On April 13, 2021 (00:30 UTC), the CNSNS received a notification from Civil Protection Authorities about the finding of the missing camera. Previously, Civil Protection authorities received an anonymous call from someone claiming to have seen on street the missing camera. Thanks to this call the camera was found and cordoned off by Civil Protection responders between Los Padres Avenue and Valle San Pedro Boulevard, San Francisco Cuautiquixco, Ojo de Agua, Tecamac, Mexico State. The Licensee was notified by the CNSNS. Once there, through a GM detector, the radiological safety officer (RSO) confirmed that the Ir-192 radioactive source was in the shielded position. Finally, at 08:00 UTC, the camera was transported and safely stored at the Licensee ́s facility..

Location: Teoloyucan, Mexico State /
Event date: Sun, 11-04-2021
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