Discovered Ra-226 source in Copper scrap metals

On 24th of November 2020, National Radiation Protection Department (NRPD) received an alarm from a radiation portal monitoring system installed in northwest border for monitoring trucks carrying imported goods.

Reported count rate from the truck loaded with copper scrap metals was 10 times of the background.

After investigation and monitoring of the scrap metals, the tip part of a lightning rod with three screwed Ra-226 sources was found. Estimated activity of each source was about 240 MBq (6.5 mCi). The tip part was transported to Iran Nuclear Waste Management Company for more analysis and management of radioactive waste.

There were no significant doses to workers or members of the public.

Estimated total activity of Ra-226 is 720 MBq (7.2 E-04 TBq). Considering D value and A/D are 4 E-02 and 1.8 E-02 respectively, it is Category 4 source.

Location: Islamic Republic of, Northwest border
Event date: Tue, 24-11-2020
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