Violation of OL&C in the Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility at Paks

On the 11th of February 2021, the on duty operator realized that according to the Nitrogen Monitoring system, the pressure of the monitoring space no. 18/7 has decreased to 800 mbar (however it still has not reached the value described in OL&C). After consulting leaders it has been decided to refill the monitoring space no. 18/7. The operator refilled the monitoring space no. 18/7 using the nitrogen charge tool and trolley. The trolley’s certificated pressure gauge indicated 2.8 bar pressure at the beginning of the refill. This was the 5th refill of the monitoring space no 18/7.
The number of refilling of the monitoring spaces is limited by the OL&C. Before staring the fifth refilling some measures had to be taken according to the OL&C, which were not taken into account by the staff.

Location: Paks
Event date: Thu, 11-02-2021
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