Organ equivalent dose exceeding statuary annual limits

In July 2020 an incident happened at a company in Bavaria, Germany. According to the company's radiation protection supervisor, the X-ray sources of the thickness measuring system to be checked by a worker of a measurement technology company can be considered as the cause of the exposure. It seems most likely that the worker briefly ex-posed his hand with the ring dosimeter to the direct beam during adjustment work on the beam collimator. During the evaluation of a ring dosimeter for this worker, a dose value of 768 mSv was determined. It can be assumed that this is associated with a corresponding organ equivalent dose of the hand (limit value 500 mSv per calendar year). Another dosimeter (OSL) measured a dose of 0.3 mSv (whole body). An electronic dosimeter showed a dose value of 38 µSv. The dose limit (whole body) for radiation workers is 20 mSv per calendar year.

Location: Company for measuring techniques, Bavaria
Event date: Fri, 31-07-2020
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