Inspection of Container No.TSAU 2600500 for Radioactive Contamination

A radiation survey on the container no. TSAU2600500 which was kept at the Colombo Port premises was carried out by the Atomic Energy Authority (AEA) on 02.05.2014.

Details of the consignment inspected are as follows:
Container No. : TSAU 2600500
Country of Origin : Bangladesh
Items in the Container : Stainless Steel Scrap

Measurement of the container for radiation using the shofisticated instruments confirmed that one or more items of the container were contaminated with radioactive materials. The maximum radioactive level recorded was 8.0 µSv/h on the surface of the container. No contamination was found outside of the container. As the container was not opened, it is not possible to identify which items are contaminated with radioactive materials.
As the contaminated items cannot be handled in Sri Lanka, it is recommended to reship the contaminated items to the country of origin.

Location: sri lanka colombo port
Event date: Fri, 02-05-2014
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