Overexposure of radiographers

During radiographic operations performed by two radiographers the guide tube was squashed so the Ir-192 source could not be retracted to the gamma projector. Operations were being performed at 6 m height. The operator tried to correct this situation using a plier to strainghten out the guide tube but unsuccesfully . Then the guide tube was cut and the Ir-192 source was recovered using tongs and shieldings. The workers took personnel dosimeters, alarm dosimeters and detectors but radiation protection officer was absent. The recovery operation lasts 30 minutes and was not well planned and any record was completed of the event. The estimated doses received by operators were 29,65 mSv and 44,6 mSv. The company did not report in time this event as required by regulation. Currently the company sancioned by regulatory body.

Location: Project EPC-30, Plant of Malvinas, Cusco
Event date: Mon, 20-05-2013
Nuclear event report
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