One radioactive source containing Co-60 lost or stolen

In the beaverboard manufacturing plant (in town of Koniecpol, Śląskie region) which is currently under insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy) there has been discovered the loss of one radioactive source containing isotope Co-60. The current activity of lost source is approximately 0,5 GBq. The source was being used in the fill level gauge in the process of beaverboard production. The source was in its shielded container no. PS-5B, weighing approximately 45 kg (please see attached pictures).
The search of the premises conducted by the licensee had no positive result. The Regulatory Body was notified on 16th of January 2014, and then appropriate services were informed. The local scrap metal facilities were searched with no positive result. The Regulatory Body is currently conducting inspection in the facility (in the period 17-20th of January 2014).

The further search and investigation is being conducted by regulatory body and law enforcement in order to locate the missing source and/or perpetrators.
There is no information on doses received as the result of the event.
According to the IAEA categorization of radioactive sources, the missing source is category 4 source. The source may pose a health risk in case when the container in which it is located will be open. This amount of unshielded radioactive material, if not safely managed, could temporarily injure person who was in contact with it for many hours.

Location: beaverboard manufacturer, Koniecpol, Śląskie regio
Event date: Thu, 16-01-2014
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