Contaminated Transport Package-Used Machineries and spare parts

The Sri Lanka customs suspected the container number APHU 6385138 which contain used machineries and spare parts for radioactive contamination from Megaport detectors. Atomic Energy Authority has been carried out radiation survey at request of Sri Lanka customs.maximum radiation level recorded was 2 micro seivert per hour on the surface of the container. Measurement of the container for radiation using the following instruments confirmed that the one or more items of the container were contaminated with both Cs-137 and Cs-134 radioactive materials. No contamination was found outside of the container. As the container was not opened, it is not possible to identify which items are contaminated with radioactive materials. As the contaminated items cannot be handled in Sri Lanka , it was recommended to reship to country of origin (Japan).

Location: Colombo port-Consignee-M/S Tsukuba Lanka
Event date: Fri, 13-12-2013
Nuclear event report
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