Two radioactive sources containing Co-60 lost or stolen

During the modernization in the „Belchatow” Coal-Fired Power Plant (Rogowiec, Lodzkie Province) there has been discovered the loss of two radioactive sources containing isotope Co-60, that were used as the level gauges.

On 30 April 2014 the Regulatory Body (PAA) was informed about the discovery of lost sources in a scrap yard in Silesian Province. The dosimetric team of the PAA President performed thorough measurements and transported sources to the Radioactive Waste Management Plant.

The radioactive sources are intact and remain in shielding containers.
Estimated doses for individuals do not excess 1 mSv (statutory annual dose limit).

Location: Bełchatów Power Station (coal-fired power plant)
Event date: Fri, 22-11-2013
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