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Radiation accidents over the last 60 years

AuthorJ.C.Nenot, IOP, Journal of Radiological Protection
DateAugust 2009

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       Radiation accidents over the last 60 years

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       2009 J. Radiol. Prot. 29 301


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IOP PUBLISHING                                                                   JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION
J. Radiol. Prot. 29 (2009) 301–320                                                       doi:10.1088/0952-4746/29/3/R01


Radiation accidents over the last 60 years

                   Jean-Claude N´enot1
                   Paris, France


                   Received 26 February 2009, accepted for publication 23 June 2009
                   Published 18 August 2009
                   Online at

                   Since the end of the Second World War, industrial and medical uses of radiation
                   have been considerably increasing. Accidental overexposures of persons, in
                   either the occupational or public field, have caused deaths and severe injuries
                   and complications. The rate of severe accidents seems to increase with time,
                   especially those involving the public; in addition, accidents are often not
                   immediately recognised, which means that the real number of events remains
                   unknown. Human factors, as well as the lack of elementary rules in the
                   domains of radiological safety and protection, such as inadequate trai