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The Laka library does not contain any publications in the category ACCIDENTS - OTHER FACILITIES. However, we do have a collection of newspaper and magazine clippings on this topic. You are welcome to browse them in the library. Contact us for more information.
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  • INES 0 IAEA classification severity of accidents (no safety significance)
  • INES 1 IAEA classification severity of accidents (anomaly)
  • INES 2 IAEA classification serious accident (incident)
  • INES 3 IAEA classification serious accidents (serious incident)
  • INES 4 IAEA explanation: Mainly accident in installation
  • INES 5 IAEA explanation: accident with off-site risk
  • INES 6 IAEA explanation: serious accident
  • INES 7 IAEA explanation: major accident